Thrones Thoughts: Season 7, Episode 5 Recap


Well, there’re only two more episodes left of the season, and they’re shaping up to be pretty massive.

Right off the bat, Jamie and Bronn make it out of the water from that devilish cliffhanger from last week. Then, we see Dany recruiting the remaining Lannister men, giving them a pretty scary ultimatum: bend the knee, or die. The Tarly’s decide that death is preferable, so they get burnt up, making Samwell the last of his lineage.

Jamie, suddenly back in Kings Landing, goes to Cersei and tells her about how un-winable this war really is. Dany has three dragons, for shitsakes. He also snuck in the fact that Olenna Tyrell killed Joffrey. So already, the episode is a good deal of talking, though it’s still riveting because of the history of the characters.

Later, Dany and Jon talk on Dragonstone, and Ser Jorah returns! He’s all happy to see Dany, and she’s pleasantly surprised that he cured his nasty ailment.

Bran wargs out as a raven, and flies out past the Wall, where he sees a sea of White Walkers marching toward Eastwatch. The Night King notices, and kills the raven, in typically spooky fashion.

My favorite scenes involved the meetings of characters who either hadn’t seen each other in a long time, or ever at all. Tyrion and Jamie have a stealth meeting below Kings Landing (to Jamie’s apparent maddened surprise) about what the future holds for the two armies. Clearly Dany can devastate the Lannister forces, so why would she want to basically give up fighting? Tyrion explains the White Walker army and the impending doom of all of Westeros.

The other fantastic scene involved Gendry’s return (Davos: “Thought you might still be rowing.”) where he meets Jon for the first time. There were so many parallels to their fathers, that it made me truly excited to watch them fight together. Gendry prefers a warhammer, just like Robert Baratheon before him. They even seemed naturally comfortable with each other, with Jon remarking on Gendry’s slimmer frame (to Robert), and Jon being called shorter (than Ned). It was a very fun scene with allusions to the past, and exciting set-ups for the future.

Overall, a fantastic episode. As good as last weeks, this end half of the season is shaping up to be great.

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