New Podcast: Raimi Time!

Oh boy, yeah. It’s taken close to a month to get this thing off the ground, but it’s finally here: the Raimi Time Podcast!

My friend Zane and I decided to band together to deliver a fun (stupid) podcast that was themed around Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films from the early 2000’s (the best of their kind). We got together, watched the first film, and recorded our pilot episode during an hour and a half session. By the end, we had diverted into innumerable tangents, bizarre stories, and a whole lot of impromptu nonsense—but we had fun. And we hope it’s fun to listen to.

Seeing as it’s the first episode, everything isn’t perfect. We used a single mic which made my voice a bit quiet (unfortunate!) and some of the edits were made because some tangents were so left field, we didn’t want to release something entirely incoherent. Just mostly incoherent. Enjoy!

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