Update—What’s Streaming? and What’s Playing? series, plus birthday week – June 24, 2020

Starting Monday, June 29th, a new series of articles will begin to appear on the site. What’s Streaming? showcases the different kinds of movies that are available on streaming services with reviews and blog posts. What’s Playing? is similar, except the films chosen are from my personal collection.

The schedule for July will be as follows:

  • Monday: Netflix
  • Tuesday: Amazon Prime
  • Wednesday: Blu-ray
  • Thursday: Hulu
  • Friday: Criterion Channel

I love movies, first and foremost. The idea of releasing a review of a movie from a specific service came to mind when I realized just how many streaming services I could be using more often, but don’t. I also love talking about movies, and recommending stuff when it’s readily available.

Since Amazon and Hulu have fairly similar libraries, I may end up giving them their own day in future months. I may also end up getting Shudder because I love horror, so that could be added to the list too.

Otherwise, this’ll be a fun month. My birthday is during the third week of July, so from the 12th to the 18th every selection will be one of my favorite films.

I’ll be publishing the lineup of movies soon, so stay tuned!

– Casey

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